Sarah Amador

Wind Turbine Maker Project

All right! It's time to make a video of our projects. For an idea of how to do it, watch these videos I made. (Remember to make short 30-second videos clearly explaining the project and documenting your experience.)

Please watch these videos and view the photographs with a partner, and discuss the answers to the below questions.

Be prepared to share your responses in class! 

1. What multiple intelligences did I mention? Can you name three other skills I needed?

2.What materials did I use? (When making your video, remember to point out the materials you used!)
3. Will this work? Why or why not?
 4. Why is wind power so important? How have humans created this problem?
 5. How much waste did this project make? What is good or bad about this? After reading the article about "junk artist" Patrick Amiot, why do you think it's important to look at what is being "wasted"? (To read the article, visit my blog on the next tab or visit