Sarah Amador


Please scroll down to see a list of testimonials and referrals. The first few are from the parents of my students. I have been so lucky to have such dedicated parents--they really helped make teaching terrific!  


April 1, 2016

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Sarah Amador. As a parent of a first grader this school year, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Sarah.

My favorite thing about Sarah is her unique ability to truly engage my daughter. She has a passion for the outdoors and I’ve seen firsthand the excitement that stirs within her classroom as they discuss trees and how they grow, birds and how they fly, and even mosquitos and their importance to our ecosystem.

Sarah has also provided a unique experience for my daughter this past school year with her love of music. She plays multiple instruments and has sparked a fascination within my daughter to ask questions and learn more. I was a parent volunteer on two different field trips that our class was able to be a part of, thanks to Sarah. One was at Sonoma State University where we watched and listened to a symphony. The other was at the Wells Fargo Center were we watched a colorful and exciting Spanish dance and song performance. These are the types of experiences that reach beyond the walls of a classroom. I am grateful that my daughter was given the opportunity to have these incredible experiences and to have grown so much this past school year.  

Sarah helps to keep us informed on what is going on in the classroom with her bi-monthly newsletter. It contains many photos as well as articles written by the students. My daughter really enjoys sharing it with me and it has become something that we look forward to doing together.

I believe that Sarah has a true passion for teaching. She is engaging with the parents and is warm and open when conversing with us. 

She will be a blessing wherever she goes.


Erica Auble 



I just wanted to complement Sarah Amador on her integrative teaching style. Her mix of earth, nutrition and academics has helped my daughter in all aspects of life. My first grader had little interest in whole foods and our connection with the planet. With Chef Corner and Science in the park she is able to take her academic skills and apply them to healthy living as well.
These are things that are VERY important for our future! Plus, she is more confident in herself which helps her tackle her academics with more confidence as well. 
Thanks SO MUCH Sarah!

Cheri Chang 


 April 7, 2016


Mrs. Amador

I’d like to start by saying thank you for teaching our daughter Arianna so many new things this school year.

I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in her since starting in your class. Arianna has improved in her math and reading skills so much that she really enjoys coming home and learning more and showing us what she’s learned.

She loves when you take the classroom outdoors to play math basketball, when you go on weekly field trips to the park learning about Mother Nature and all of its beauty, and all of the reading and sounding out words you do daily.

I really enjoy your cute newsletter that you put together for all of the parents. It’s a joy to read. I’ve also had a wonderful time volunteering in the classroom and being able to help out and watch the kids learn and grow.



Shanna Hughes