Sarah Amador

Rethink Your Drink Webquest for 3rd Graders



Your mission: Teach 1st and 2nd Graders about the benefits of drinking water! (We've been learning about rethinking your drink, sugar content of drinks, dehydration and flavored waters. I've been seeing lots of you bringing water bottles to school. Now it's time to teach others!)



The tools: You will research, select and submit your teaching ideas.

As a class, we will use your ideas to create a WebQuest for 1st and 2nd Graders.


Ready, set, go!   (The Process)                                     



1. Step 1: Create a Recipe! 

        a. With your partner, visit the below links to get inspired about flavored water. Using the space provided on your worksheet, create a recipe of your own that the 1st and 2nd Grade students can make.

        b. In 2 sentences, explain why this recipe will help them drink more H2O.


The Yummy Life

10 Natural Flavored Water Recipes 

50 Flavored Water Recipes 

How to Make Healthy Flavored Water


2. Step 2: Prove it. Why should 1st and 2nd Graders listen to you?

       a. In 2 sentences, explain 2 benefits of drinking more water every day.

       b. In 2 more sentences, share 2 ways they can drink more water! (Visit the below links to help you remember.)


       Will YOU take the pledge to drink more water?


Potter Loves Water

 * Rethink Your Drink 

Choose Water First to Satisfy Your Thirst

Water And You

What's the Big Sweat about Dehydration?




You will be graded upon the below rubric (grading chart):




You're done. Way to H2O!